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Patricia Piersanti Gioe, Owner- Best In Care Pet Sitters

Patty is a life-long pet lover and always had pets growing up. She enjoys the special bond that she shares with all animals especially dogs. Becoming a pet sitter enabled her to spend time with pets of all types and gives her an opportunity to have a personal impact in someone's life and their pet's life.



While growing up, my family has always had pet dogs and cats.  The family wasn't complete without them.  In the past 30 years, we have had pairs of Irish Setters, the last two being trained as registered therapy dogs.  They love going to the nursing home to cheer up the clients, and the clients always have a smile for the dogs.  It is a joy to watch the interaction, and hear a client speak, or see them reach out their hand to the dogs, when otherwise there is very little response.  What a difference the dogs make.


Michelle is a fun loving animal person.  She's always had animals in her household since she was a child. She enjoys spending extra time with the animals and playing with them. She is the youngest of the crew which accounts for her vibrant young personality. She enjoys being outside and going for walks, so walking dogs is one of her favorite things to do as a pet sitter. She is very lenient and is always on call for whatever type of help is needed. She's taken care of birds, fishes, cats, and mostly dogs. She looks forward to coming into your home and treating your animals with love, just as if they were her very own!


Barbara resides locally with her husband and three rescue dogs:  Molly (female Bichon) and recently, Simon and Rosco (male Shih Tzu brothers).  She has been trained in animal care, professional animal grooming and hygiene for the past several years while gaining her experience working for a local kennel, a professional pet care groomer and pet sitting for friends, neighbors and family members.  She has also been instrumental in fostering and placement of rescue and stray animals.  Her genuine love of animals shows in her personal life, as well as in her enjoyment and affection of all animals and she will make every effort to ensure that your pets feel less stressed, comfortable and “special” with her natural ability of giving individualized, personal and caring attention while you are away.

Sue C.

I’ve had pets all my life.  I now have fish, rabbits, chickens, three cats and a 6 year old iguana. I’ve raised my three daughters in 4H programs.  They stayed in 4H until they graduated from High School.  For years, I’ve sat with the neighbors’ dogs and cats when they went on vacations and now sit for my daughter’s pets when they go away.  I have in the past, taken my animals to elementary schools for show-and-tell.   Kids love it.

Sue H.

Sue has grown up with a large family and always had lots of pets. She grew up loving and caring for a Golden Retriever, Taffy, who had nine pups that she and her family took care of and sold.  They also had a Newfoundland, Ebbie, and a mixed breed named Penny, and had two stray kittens.  Later in life with her own family she believes in saving rescue dogs and cats.  She saved from St. Huberts a hound/ridgeback mixed breed, Clooney and a Boston Terrier named good old Spike.  They were both the most amazing animals and truly were loved.  Now with her family is an awesome mixed breed, named Bailey, who was just recently saved from the rescue group called SAVE from Princeton, NJ. Bailey is enjoying her new home with their cat, Oscar who is now 15 years old, and the two of them hang out, play, and cuddle together.

Having animals when growing up truly helps you learn how to love, nurture and become a whole person.  They keep you busy! 

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